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Friday, June 06, 2014

A Letter from Me to Me

Dear Mr Eiman Hazdy,

Get a life dude... You're simply hot dread gorgeous. Just snap your finger once, and welcome to your own fantasy! Close your eyes, never ever open it. Otherwise, your life will be a disaster... Hahaha...

"Your other side" 
Penat nak berteka-teki. Penat nak main tarik tali. Penat nak main hide and seek. Sangat-sangat penat. Just enough with all this nonsense... Wanna get back to reality as soon as possible. I do love puzzle... But I hate when it almost done, and there are some pieces missing!!! Damn... -sigh-

"Kehilangan itu pasti dirasai setiap insan. Cepat atau lambat sahaja."

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