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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Am Getting Back on Track


Getting better now. Tapi tak fully recovered pun lagi. Eiman still ada some follow-up treatments yang perlu Eiman jalani. Sorry guys if Eiman took a long time to update this blog. Kecederaan pada tangan Eiman menyukarkan Eiman untuk menaip. Sorry sangat-sangat. Actually, ada banyak stories to be told here. Eiman akan cuba update satu per satu dalam masa terdekat. Bergantung pada kesempatan Eiman. So, Eiman akan list down apa yang Eiman mungkin akan update dalam masa yang terdekat ni. Check it out!

1. The in between of Two Guys
2. He's the One in that Porn Video!
3. Karma hits the best : What goes around... Comes around
4. I am cursed : Lucky or Unlucky
5. Revelation the Truth : Disclosing the Untold Story
6. WeChat for Dummies : How to Avoid being An Idiotic
7. Hinakah Cintaku : Episode 02 : Selamat Tinggal

Maybe akan ada lagi post yang akan ditambah di kemudian hari. Hehehe... So, stay tuned guys!

"Life is too short to stress yourself with people who don't even deserve to be an issue in your life... Stay healthy and happy."

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  1. Interested to read point 6 :)
    Anyway aku doa kau cpt recover.