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Saturday, August 23, 2014

An article : Eldest, Middle and Youngest

I am quite busy right now. So, Eiman just wanna share this article. Artikel apa ya? Hahaha... Tak sure sangat artikel ni myth or fact. Eiman pun tak tahu artikel ni boleh relate tak dengan hubungan lelaki vs lelaki and perempuan vs perempuan. Hahaha... Eiman just ambil bahagian-bahagian yang Eiman rasa important. Check it out!

Eldest Child + Eldest Child @ Only Child = Usurpation of Power
Actually, eldest child and the only child ni banyak berkongsi the same characteristics. Perfectionists and always drive them be in the front line especially membabitkan perkara yang besar. The attribute of leadership yang tinggi sometimes gonna make both of them nak tonjolkan siapa yang lebih berkuasa. Always and always monopolize any situations and sometimes bersikap dominant in a relationship.
Recommendation: Try to be lenient in everything is really appreciated. Kurangkan sikap acquisitive dalam diri and learn how to compromise and tolerate with each others. Lihat, teliti and kaji arah tuju and roles of each others in the relationship.

Eldest Child + Middle Child = Paradox
You as the eldest child have to admit that pasangan kau orang has the best characteristics in defending a relationship; If pasangan kau orang adalah middle child. However, middle child has to accept the fact that usually the eldest child is a paradox (kenyataan yang kelihatan bercanggah tetapi ada kebenarannya). Middle child kebiasaannya has the attribute of compromising and tolerating. Gemar berbincang semua perkara even that thing tu sangat simple. Though, have to be careful because middle child always and suka memendam perasaan.
Recommendation: A well discussion and consensus decision-making is really important here sebelum membuat sebarang keputusan. Make sure to share and dive into each others untuk mengenali dan memahami hati dan perasaan pasangan. If you as the eldest child; curahkan sepenuhnya kasih sayang and sometimes have a surprise by giving present because middle child ni kurang mendapat kasih sayang dan perhatian daripada keluarganya.

Eldest Child + Youngest Child = The Happy Couple
Usually, this pair is considered as an ideal couple (ada pros and cons serta combinations yang cukup tepat). Eldest child kebiasaannya terdedah dengan prinsip, pengalaman hidup dan perancangan masa hadapan yang teratur. The youngest child akan memainkan peranannya untuk support any of kejayaan pasangannya. If the eldest child is a girl; she will have sifat keibuan yang sangat tinggi. If the youngest child is a boy; he really needs kehangatan kasih dan sayang.
Recommendation: Never ever take an advantage keatas pasangan masing-masing (especially the youngest child). Amalkan sikap bertoleransi (bertolak-ansur) dan bersepakat. Sometimes, the youngest child will be terlebih manja dan suka memerintah (command). As for that, the eldest child should be in a diplomatic way dalam setiap perbuatan dan communications.

Middle Child + Middle Child = Chaotic
Both of this middle child lebih suka pendamkan perasaan masing-masing dan gemar to avoid themselves in getting into any of discussion dari dua hati as they think that their ideas will be totally rejected. Totally a defeatist. Mereka lebih senang retrieving other’s commands and opinions. Really do take care of perasaan orang lain wisely walaupun ada kalanya mereka ni suka cakap lepas (out-spoken).
Recommendation: Try to use any other mediums contohnya SMS, Whatsapp, Wechat, e-mail and so on; If you find out any difficulties in communications face-to-face. Luahkan rasa hati. Both need to believe and menghormati antara satu sama lain (especially regarding opinions). Compliments, hugs and kisses juga perlu sebagai tanda kasih dan sayang.

Middle Child + Youngest Child = Harmony & Peaceful
The middle child will have the attribute of passive. As for the youngest child, lebih terdorong untuk bersikap social. However, both of them saling menyokong dan memerlukan antara satu sama lain. Even though the youngest child sering bersikap manja but they somehow will give and show kasih sayang yang tak terbagi to the middle child.
Recommendation: Don’t ever assume everything tu perkara yang mudah dan remeh-temeh. Try to avoid memperlekehkan pendapat or tindakan pasangan  even it is kind of out-of-mind. Who knows, maybe it could work properly. Berusaha untuk tonjolkan kelebihan pasangan. Share in every single thing.

Youngest Child + Youngest Child = Disaster
Completely not a compatible combination at all. Boleh dan akan timbulkan lots of problem later on. Both of them ingin menonjolkan diri and would never back off. Boleh cetuskan a disaster situation disebabkan tiada jalan penyelesaian (masing-masing keras kepala).
Recommendation: Try to be a good listener untuk pasangan. Bersikap open-minded and berusaha to solve and settle the leakages of communication. Saling ingat-mengingati as to avoid misleadings or misinterpretations.
Mungkin ada kesahihannya regarding this article, but somehow jangalah jadikan this article sebagai satu halangan untuk teruskan hubungan yang dah sedia ada. Jadikan panduan, bukan arah tuju.

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