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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

I am still here

"May the lights of this Eid lighten your whole life like shining sun... May you be blessed by Allah every moment of this Day..."
Yes. Eiman masih di sini. Still breathing. Hahaha... My life just goes on as what I am expected to be. Before Eiman lupa, Eiman would like to wish "Salam Eid Mubarak" to all. Simply can say that I am quite busy right now. There are some sort of reasons kenapa Eiman busy sangat. First, the internet was down and fully recovered on 4th day of Eid. Really disappointed with TM Services. Worst I think. No offended. Second, lot of orders for cupcakes during Ramadhan and surely for Eid. Well, I hate My Eldest Brother and at the same time berterima kasih juga pada dia. At least Eiman dapat lah juga pocket money untuk raya. Hahaha... Dia bagitahu kawan-kawan dia yang Eiman buat cupcakes. Masa yang ada tu lah Eiman spent untuk buat cupcakes. Penat tapi berbaloi. Third, My Cousin's Wedding Reception; 2nd August 2014. Orang lain busy shopping raya, Eiman dengan sepupu-sepupu yang lain busy shopping untuk wedding. Hahaha... Now, tunggu turn untuk pihak lelaki pula. Nasib baik lah kahwin dengan orang area sini juga. Hahaha... Fourth, Eiman akan pindah tak lama lagi. Actually, right now Eiman and family stay dengan To' Bah and To' Wan. Since balik Malaysia, To' Bah cakap stay dulu rumah ni and nanti baru cari rumah lain dan pindah. Papa dah pun beli rumah and dalam renovation. Expected untuk pindah dalam masa terdekat. Maybe awal bulan or akhir bulan September. Just wait and see. By the way, Hinakah Cintaku : Episode 01 will be ready soon. Dah siap dah tu. Cuma nak edit sikit-sikit saja. Sabar ya. Hehehe...

"First time bayar zakat; with My Brothers cari Amil sampai 1AM, balik rumah kena bantai gelak dengan Papa."

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